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    Consumer Electronic Micro-controller AC1002

AC1002 is integrated with CK802(detail)---- a low cost embedded CPU,eflash and multiple communication peripherals which can be used for mechanical control, smart terminal and a diversity application in the field of IOT

Features of AC1002 SOC:

n  32bit embedded CPU with 1 24bit timer and 512B I-Cache, frequency up to 50MHz,CPU

n  64KB on-chip Flash2*2KB high speed SRAM,512B boot ROM

n  8-channel 12bit ADC,sampling rate is 250KSPS for each channel,supporting A/D event trigger by PWM;

n  2 Analog CMP

n  2 timers, 1 watchdog, RTC

n  UART, SPI(master+slave), IIC, IIS, DMA;

n  PWM with up to 12 input/output channels;

n  2 external OSC with frequency 32.768KHz and 50MHz respectively; 2 on-chip high resolustion OSC with 10KHz and 48MHz respectively, ±1% deviation under 3.3V 25C

n  40 GPIO ports, each supports interrupt.

n  Operating voltage 3.3v-5v, supporting POR;

n  Less than 10uA stand-by current,<30mA active current

n  Operating temperature : -25C to 85C.

AC1002 Package Charateristic: 



AC1002 Architecture Schematic: